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Out Back Buck Shack: Where Family, Friends, and The Outdoors Meet

The brand may be new but the name has a history.  As far back as I can remember, hunting camp was the best place to be when you needed a little time with friends and family in the outdoors.  Our camp was called “Out Back Buck Shack”.  I was just a young kid but I loved going to camp and being around my Grandpa, my Uncles, and our friends.  There was no way for me to truly appreciate what camp was all about at such a young age but I knew it was special.  And something always rang in the back of my mind whenever I would read or say the words “Out Back Buck Shack”.  After high school, I spent a lot of time away from my home town but there always seemed to be something calling me back. 

My first year in college I was playing football, so when hunting season came around I didn’t have time go in the woods.  I remember being at practice and seeing deer off in another field and feeling that urge.  My dorm room window looked out into a patch of woods and I would catch myself watching for deer.  The hunting gene ran deep and I couldn’t shake it.

A couple years later I enlisted in the Army.  The times that I could get home for a quick visit I would try to get out in the woods where my family always hunted.  It was like hitting a reset button.  Out there, it was calm.  In a world full of chaos, hunting and that time with family and friends made it all go away.  For a time you shut out the rest of the world and LIVE. 

I finally realized what hunting camp was all about.  I understood why my Grandpa, and my uncles, and all our friends would gather in a camp they built, sleep in bunk beds, and spend days going in the woods chasing deer.  There are so many words to describe what was happening, what a person actually feels during that time, but for me I knew four words that said it all.  “Out Back Buck Shack”.

It doesn’t matter where you are.  Out Back Buck Shack can be anywhere.  A few months ago, I was working in Ohio and living out of my camper.  The farmer I was renting from gave me permission to hunt and allowed my Uncle and cousins to come out from New York.  That was Out Back Buck Shack.  Recently, my wife and I bought a house in the beautiful mountains of upstate New York.  When I took my buck on the second day of rifle season and got to hang him in my own garage with friends and family there to enjoy a beer and the story of the hunt; that was Out Back Buck Shack.

Out Back Buck Shack is more than just a brand and more than just a name.  It is everything that we experience in the chase for wild game.  More than anything it is family and friends.  We hope that you will join us on our journey.  Come be a part of our Out Back Buck Shack and we hope to be a part of yours as well.

Where is your Out Back Buck Shack?      


By James Connolly

Co-Owner of Out Back Buck Shack