After a fun-filled and busy summer, OBBS is excited to share in your in-season successes and stories. Dont forget to tag @OutBackBuckShack on all your social media posts of your hunting season success!!!! As always, keep an eye on our youtube and social media channels, we will have some new events coming up, awesome content, and even some new products!!

Introductory Out Back Buck Shack Blog


Well folks, it has been a wild start to our journey, but Out Back Buck Shack is rolling along very nicely.  We are still working some kinks out, but we promise to keep moving along.


My name is Matt Cascarella aka Matty Casc, and I am one of the four founding members of Out Back Buck Shack. I just wanted to give you all a little introductory blog post, to let you know about us (as well as test out the websites blog functionality.)

Those that know me know I am never short of words, but I will try to keep this brief. When Matty Herold, aka Matty Hazzard, mentioned the concept of OBBS to me, I did not hesitate to get involved. Growing up, I did not come from a house or family built of outdoorsmen and/or outdoorswomen. I am from a little suburb just outside of NYC on Long Island. I grew up playing kickball, street hockey, basketball, etc.  I was not a big hiker, hunter, shooter, or camper. When I was around 7 years old, a close family friend of my parents started the Levittown PAL Archery league, and that is when I picked up my first bow. The first few years I did not take it very seriously, but as I grew older, and my competitive nature grew, I got very good at it, if only to say I was better than the other kids in the program. 

Around 20 years old, I went back to that same family friend, Bob, who had been hunting longer than I have been alive, and asked him to teach me the way. So I bought my first bow, and my first morning headed out into the woods on a cold October morning.  I sat there alone in the dark, terrified and excited, in a ground blind, while Bob left and went to his climbing stand. Before the sun came up, everything that the wind blew, I thought was a deer.  My first morning I caught the back of deer, walking along a stone wall just out of range, but my heart and adrenaline were absolutely pumping, it was then I knew I was hooked. 

Since that day I have loved hunting, loved the outdoors, loved camping. I have had my share of missed shots, blown scents, nice bucks, and big doe, but to this day, seeing a deer in the woods still gets my heart pounding.  Hunting has taught me hard work, patience, focus, and the reward of all of those things paying off. 

Out Back Buck Shack is more than just an apparel retailer. Our goal is to be a name in the hunting community where people can go for insights, tips, videos, pictures, stories, as well as some awesome looking gear. The four founding members of the OBBS share the same goal, to be pillars in a community, a community that is shrinking year by year, and to be leaders for the next generation of hunters and outdoors enthusiasts, and to share our experiences with not just our friends and growing families, but with as many people as we can around the country, and the world. We want to spread the idea, that hunting is more than just the hunt, its a total experience and a lifestyle to be shared with friends, and most importantly, loved ones.